In my filmmaking career I have made eight shorts and two feature films, but I have to say that I have never received as much attention as a filmmaker as I did with my latest film “I Am You”. I know the reason for this is because I made a film for VR, a very hot and exciting topic right now, am don’t get me wrong I’m excited as well. I find myself constantly posting article after article in my social media accounts, like the tech nerd that I am. I do relish in it.

However, I also love traditional film making and am constantly thinking of stories that I can shoot with the gear that I have/recently built to make another feature film.

I know it’s very hard to get attention for your feature, especially on the “no budgets” that I am working under. On top of that I feel like you need to make something incredibly unique, original, and fresh in order to get attention for your work. I really aim to do that with every film, but given my limited success my storytelling has not caught on with viewers on the scale that I want yet. That said, I feel really torn as I question how I should define my career. I currently work a day job and day dream all the time about the prospect of working as a full-time filmmaker. I look to indie filmmakers like the Duplass Brothers and Joe Swanberg who really made a huge mark on the indie film world with their work and I want nothing more than to do the same. However, now that I did this VR film, will I be expected to make another one. Will I only get attention if I stay on the bleeding edge of tech and integrate it into my art? It’s stressful and probably not the healthiest way to think of things.

What I figure I need to do is tell stories and whether they are in VR or non-VR mediums, they need to be good stories. I think in this way I will be known as a storyteller. I also need to continue to push the boundaries and follow whatever impulses I have as an artist. I’m attracted to technology and technology products and need to figure out how to integrate them into my stories.

I’m not saying that I’m going to make the next Blade Runner

I think there is no right or wrong way to go here as long as I’m making movies and getting attention for them. As the famous saying goes “there is no such thing as bad publicity”.

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