Last week was a pivotal moment in the evolution of Circuit Rider. I submitted the experience to the Oculus store, however, it came back to me changes that needed to be made before they continued its evaluation. The problem was that the project wasn’t able to maintain 90fps, which is pretty much a deal breaker for them and depending on the graphic fidelity it can be difficult achieve that benchmark.

When I saw the feedback I felt gutted and I instantly panicked because the team that built the experienced had already disbanded.

Rather than stay with those depressed and defeated feels, I became hyper focused on how I could solve these issues quickly as I already started a Patreon campaign in work a new VR experience that I am passionate to make.

I ended up finding a couple freelance developers to work on optimizing the project, but it wasn’t easy to find them and despite paying them a little bit of money I’m not sure how everything will turn out. They tell me it’s a graphics and lighting issue, so I’m going to be taking a risk to trust them and will see where this turns out. It’s hard position to be in a and I absolutely hate that this isn’t in my control. This is the reason that I’m learning to code.

You are probably asking yourself, didn’t you develop the game? No, unfortunately not. I spent a lot of time working on assets but I didn’t touch the engine or the code. As a result, I don’t know what needs to be fixed or how to do it.

The lesson here is that learning to code and how to work in the game engine is absolutely critical to making VR experiences, even if you work with or hire a team. I have mentioned this before and have been criticized by some who believe that not everyone on your teams needs to have coding skills to make a project. I don’t feel like that is true and even further I feel it was sheer luck that I was able to get this far without knowing how to code. However, after this experience of working on Circuit Rider I can’t take anymore chances, and need to roll up my sleeves and touch every part of the creation process. That’s the only way I feel that I can become a better content creator in this medium.

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